Life Story


I am a portal through which the universe pours beauty into existence. So are you.

For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by alternate states of consciousness and what they could teach us about the nature of reality. My Mother’s severe schizophrenia first exposed me to how destructive and elevating perceptual variations could be. This started my fascination with the mind and state changes, and gave me an early desire to learn how to consciously and groundedly navigate such spaces, rather than be at the effect of them.

I began an early self directed study of entheogens and body/ mind practices including lucid dreaming and state induction through many forms including yoga, meditation, breath work, dance, and sacred art.

My deepest calling is to help people experience themselves as the sovereign creators of their life, to feel their interconnectedness with existence, and to behold more fully the subtle and profound beauty and magic of reality!


Life Philosophy


I believe we all have the potential to intentionally create the reality we most deeply desire.

Edison’s lightbulb, Michelangelo’s David, Gandhi’s non-violent revolution... All impossible. Then they all happened. Created first from love. Then vision. Then longing. Then burning. Then action. Then faith. Then more love, more burning, more action, more faith. Then reality. From the ethers, to their heart, to their mind, to their hand, to the world. Made in the likeness of the creative force...that is what we most essentially are. Creativity incarnate. Evolution embodied as to make the unmanifest manifest, bring the formless into form, and invoke the age of awakening.

While stepping more fully into our own creative power each moment, we simultaneously live with reverence, appreciation, and acceptance of the other dreamers around us.  A world where we recognize each person as a sentient, creative being with their own desires, feelings, and visions. Whether they are aware of their individual creative power or not.  Loving those that have not yet realized their personal connection to divinity, working to understand their current experience...and seeing the highest light that is their essence...and helping them to see they can live it more fully.

There is no I without the other. We all must come together to create a world that is built on love, generosity and connection over greed, scarcity and ownership.  Wanting for each other rather than from.  Recognizing ourselves and one another as transcendental, integral parts of universe, embodied as the awakened creators of our time.

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