Sublime Transformation

Belong to a world that cannot be seen

where love before knowledge is the greatest mean

bask in complete darkness, embracing an inner light

experience is a bird as it takes its first flight

the return of dawn after a near endless night

 awake and explore your mind as you sit

you could be a poet and not even know it

everyone knows how to breathe and create

there are endless ways to experience and relate

express what you love, in every possible way

there is nothing to hide, nothing more to say

do not wait for yet another single day

to pass you by as time seems to fly

time is a concept, don't hold it too close

Just as the petals  gently fall from a rose

it slips away if you wait for it to find you

live life to love everything that you do

you never know what will become a part of you

so fear not what you have yet to understand

there are mystical places within unknown lands

waiting for you to place your own two feet

you never know who you may happen to meet

if you never venture beyond  the edge of your seat

What you may find could prove to be quite a treat

treasure found within a long lost love you can't live without

while wandering amidst the casualties of a drought

sparkling sunshine kissed linings to every silver cloud

don't worry love, sing out your heart, sing it loud

express who you are, as portrait  of your heart

painting a rainbow of emotion into pure art

forget the past, this moment is the new start

it seems life is a game that is an option to play

to the very best or worst of your infinite ways

it's never to late to change who you are

breathe to love or survive, but  the price is high

if one chooses to live their life in a lie

to live in love with all is the most high

but fall at the cost of some, you can only try

to survive in a world where everything dies

yet before a star bursts into infinite flames

it glows with glory, it shines without shame

burning brightly admidst the thunder and rain

there are two sides to every piece of shattered glass

you can embrace this moment, take it, or pass

this may not be your only chance, but it could be your last

so follow your heart, to the depths of what is you

to ever awaken and shine light on all that is true

inside of this world and outside of this realm

there is much to be found, so much unknown

release what you hold to be sewn into place

everything changes, as dust in the wind leaves no trace

a beautiful dance, between the sun and the moon

lost in such a sight one could possibly swoon

overwhelmed by the balance expressed in harmony

Within the composition of a universal symphony

there is some perfect order to all that you see

try to follow it in check or wander and be free

most importantly just be whoever YOU want to be

whoever that may happen to be, yet don't hold it too close

although one can't always help it I suppose

remember we are only an atom compared to outer space

an orb of energy trying to figure out its place

in this grand scheme of things it seems hard to relate

we live on a tear drop in the eye of a great mind

a fragment, a sparkle of dust hard to even find

yet we feel  as sharp as an arrow through the heart

sometimes it's hard not to want to press restart

yet each and every  moment shapes us in time

like sand wear down a pearl in a way so sublime

it's amazing to watch the days passing by

In the midst of organized chaos we can only try

to find our way through this maze in the most sensible way

to try to be mindful of  the things that we say

speak from the heart, from your soul so free

love, can you see what I see?

pieces and fragments of a world designed to be

a mirror of our minds played out in the oddest kind

a collaboration of puzzle pieces that make up a myriad of signs

like the galaxies within your eyes hold a wonder beyond even time

far beyond any explanation told within a simple rhyme

imprinted within and beyond the boundaries of our skin

the fullness of everything you're meant to be

see the world in a way completely anew

trust that you have everything you need

contemplate how extraordinary it is to simply breathe