Star Kissed Sky

Within the sky, beyond galaxies of the deepest blue 

A sacred story unfolds of a love divinely true

Shinning with the graceful beauty of a flower as it unfolds    

It's petals kissed with a radiant light like glistening gold

Unveiling it's heart, beheld to all within sight 

The sun gives to the moon it's boundless love each and every night 

Lighting the sky with a subtle glow 

It lovingly guides the tide, ebb and flow

Smiling as the waves dance with the shore

Like a most beloved dream replayed forevermore

In my minds eye there is a glorious sun to each star kissed sky

With a devoted moon to pair, a love one cannot deny

I'll paint you the sunset with every shade and hue

Like crystal prisms in the morning dew

I can see the colors delicately cascading over you

Your form and mine are one, it's undeniably true

With the sun and moon we'll twirl admidst the skies endless blue