Rhythm of Love

My form is a canvas to paint in the night

Love is the color that defines this beautiful sight

Paint me a picture from the depths of your mind

Interwoven in a beautifully expressed design

Hold my form ever expanding into infinite space

Within a frame I’m firmly held into place

Curves and lines longing to be traced

Each color and hue perfectly placed

Defining contours as delicate as lace

Take me apart every thread and seam

Paint this moment as a most vivid dream

Captured within a passionately piercing gleam

So much is expressed in such a look

I dissolve in place at the slightest touch

My form is a drum that plays to a beat

The vibration of love, a rhythm so sweet

Hearts synchronize, awakening to see

How these lines between us cease to be 

Glowing with the warmth of the glorious sun

Remembering in form, we were always one