Empty Space

The mystical night sky paints a vision inside of my mind
Of everything I could ever think to ask or hope to find
In the vastness of all from which I have come to be
I am and will always be an expression of me
Beyond what may appear to be thy true self
It seems we live in a world inside of itself
Interwoven in time we dance along the line
Beyond all we are and what we can see
Beyond our own mind is the gateway to be set free
No concepts or perceptions, transcending all belief
In the vastness of a rainforest we are but a single leaf
Yet so much more when one may inquire or explore
Into the concepts that define empty space
Electric energy waiting to be traced
Each atom in motion perfectly placed
Dancing on stardust in a dreamscape lined
With fragments of thoughts that cease to be
Separate from all that has become a part of me
In a world of endless things held together by many seams
We exist as one within a myriad of dreams